Beautiful girls deserve beautiful lives.

I am an artist in LA. I write. I act. I sing. I design.


Training for my new job at the tutoring center is going very well and I am motivated to do a great job there.

When I reach my first weight goal, I am going to celebrate by buying a Tracy Anderson Method hat. When I reach my second weight goal, I am going to celebrate by buying a cute outfit and some frozen yogurt.

I have the next two days off and I am going to spend them working out, writing, attending a seminar at Reproductions “How to Get and Keep an Agent”, and a coffee meet-up with my friend Tim.

I feel very lucky and happy with the direction that my life is going. I’m definitely in a transitionary phase with my writing, in a busy phase with my day job, and progressive phase with my fitness goals for 2014. I am getting there, week by week, meeting my goals that I set in the beginning of the year.

And my hair is growing back. I want it to be very long again.



I miss my friend Trixie Layhadi.

I love my new bag.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and we’re supposed to bring a friend with us.

I went on a job interview today and it went very well.

I like somebody.

I am dropping my 2 UCLA classes to free up my schedule for work.

I need to work on my TV pilot script. But it is turning out great in the early stages.


Cookies, sweatpants, and a good movie. 

Church on a Saturday

I went to my hometown church VCKA/St. Joseph’s for Mass tonight. It was all in Korean.

There was maybe 15 people there. I prayed mostly for my friends, family, careers, and myself.

Afterwards, I felt great. Soul-cleansed.

I’ve been going to another church called Southland LA for the past couple months on Sundays and made great friends from this added element to my life.


Major girl crush: Minka Kelly for beauty and talent

New bag for Rosa. Avid Bliss Billabong bag in Bronze. It makes me think of my friend Trixie, who would just LOVE this bag on me.

New bag for Rosa. Avid Bliss Billabong bag in Bronze. It makes me think of my friend Trixie, who would just LOVE this bag on me.


I am making a mix CD for my dad. :) He likes Colbie Caillat. We are going hiking together this weekend. I am also trying to get him on a classier skincare regimen to pamper himself a little more.

I am compiling a fashion and beauty portfolio of magazine cut-outs, fabrics, inspirations, etc. It is going to be beautiful and inspiring and organized.

I want to see “The Other Woman” with Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, and Leslie Mann.


Happy Wednesday, y’all.

My middle sister Lucia and I went to run errands today. First, an eyebrow shaping at this girl’s house studio in the Valley. Just $9, $11 with tip. She did a really good job with threading and it only stung a little bit. I feel a lot prettier with clean brows. :)

Then, we went to the Northridge mall and I bought Clarins sunscreen SPF 40 for my face. The company changed the design of the bottle but I think the inside formula is the same. It is very liquid and light. Since I stopped wearing tinted moisturizer with SPF and just a little bit of light powder, I need SPF in the morning to protect my skin from the California sun. My skin has really benefited from wearing less make-up.

We ate dinner at Whole Foods (chicken, broccoli, rice) and it was very healthy and light. I guzzled 3 cups of water when I got home.

I lost about 5 pounds from just running/walking with Tracy Anderson Method DVDs in the past monthes. I would like to lose about 10 more with swimming, gymnastics, running, walking, Tracy Anderson Method, and surfing. I want to be very lean and toned. My eldest sister bought me a TYR swim cap. :)

I got my last book for my Comparative Literature class, Paradiso by Dante. The class starts next Tuesday. I am really excited that I get to use the Rec Center and libraries at UCLA.

We are leaving for Oakland tomorrow morning for my eldest sister’s wedding weekend. I am very excited for her, and for getting out of LA for just a weekend. I will take lots of photos and hopefully have a great blog about it afterwards. :)